Serenity Today

Serenity Today

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 © by Robin M. Gilliam

Recovery Art Studio is excited to host the blog Serenity Today.

What is serenity? We think it is being at peace with the world around us. By focusing on serenity we learn to quiet our minds, feel good, and get along better with others. When we have serenity the call to use drugs, alcohol and other self destructive behaviors quiets providing us neutrality during trying times that may have otherwise triggered us.

Together we will explore serenity, what it is, and how to get and keep serene in this crazy, chaotic world we live in.






Robin M. Gilliam has been in long-term recovery since 2/6/91 and is a domestic violence and rape survivor. She has a BA in art and psychology from Goucher College. As the the founder & director of Recovery Art Studio, Robin is excited to teach the healing power of art in combination with the spiritual principles of the 12 steps to support your healing and long-term recovery.



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