From the Crack Pipe to the Good Life

Discover how Robin survived crack cocaine and uses the healing power of art and the spiritual principles of the 12 Steps to maintain her 26+ years in recovery.

We are Only as Sick as Our Secrets

Learn how pain from past traumas and related secrets keep addicts/alcoholics locked in disease. Robin will share her secrets and how she releases them to help heal past traumas and grow strong recovery.

The Art of Recovery

Take a powerful ride with Robin as she curates her recovery to learn how the healing power of art fuels long-term recovery.

Anonymous No More

Discover how, after 24+ years of being anonymous and hiding in the shame of addiction, Robin stepped out of the 12 step rooms and into the spotlight to help change the stigma of mental illness and addiction!


Keynote Speeches can be tailored to your audience’s needs;
speeches can be presented alone or combined with a hands-on workshop.



Robin delivers amazing hands-on workshops that tap into the healing power of art. She uses a number of techniques, including intuitive painting, graffiti art, and spontaneous collage to teach you how to laugh, shout, or celebrate onto a journal or canvas.

Email us at or call (410) 610-6753 to request our price sheet and schedule.